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Al-Shamma takes down the April Blitz

 | Published on 4/16/2008

       A smaller field than usual made it out for our April Blitz event and the top four spots in our year-long competition did not change. The gap in between them certainly did though when Jim Al-Shamma took 10 points out of the possible 12 and clear first. Josh Salter did not continue his winning ways and Tim Cooper was able to shorten the gap between first and second to a single point. Every game will be huge now as the head-to-head match ups between Tim and Josh could decide who is in first. Jim is definitely within striking distance sitting at about 5 points back. Josh Wolff if within 10 points and a couple of good performances in the coming months could put him on top. So unlike like last year, where there were really only two dogs in the race, this year could prove to be a great show as we approach the half-way point. Here are your standings after four events:


2008 Nashville Blitz Grand Prix


(standings after April Event #4)


   1. Josh Salter                       43.25

     2. Timmy Cooper                           42.25

     3. Jim Al-Shamma                        37.75

     4. Josh Wolff                                   33.50

     5.  James Wu                                18.75

     6. David Justice                             13.50

     7. Wardell Vance                          12.00

     8. Jeff Tobin                                     9.00

     9. Dale Rigby                                   7.50

    10. Peter Ciarleglio                         6.50

    11. Zaki Tanas                                 6.00

    12. Tom Wright                                 5.00

    12. Elion King                                    5.00

    14. Leon Scwartz                              4.00

    14. Jeff Tobin                                    4.00

    16. Peter Ciarleglio                          3.50

    16. Dewitt Pullen                              3.50

    17. Tony Bush                                   3.00

    17. Tanner Jacobson                      3.00

    19. Claudio Galido Cruz                  2.50

    20. Lindsey Scruggs                       2.00

    21. Emmy Madsen                            1.50