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The Tennessee Tempo dominate the 2008 Nashville Open

 | Published on 2/13/2008

 (Round 4 - Board Two - Brian McCarthy vs. IM Ronald Burnett)


          The Tennessee Tempo took over the open section of the 1st Annual Nashville Open. There were five place prizes totaling $1600 and the Tempo took home $1550 of that prize money. As usual, it came down to head to head matches between the team's players. FM Todd Andrews turned in a 2600+ Performance rating after starting 4-0 in the event with victories over fellow teammate FM Peter Bereolos, FM Miles Ardaman of North Carolina and Carl Boor of Ohio.

           IM Ronald Burnett, FM Jerry Wheeler and new 2008 teammate Brian McCarthy were able to tie for first in the final round with 3.0 points each. Burnett exhausted all of his energy and time on the clock to try and catch up with Andrews. But after active play in the black side of the English, Andrews was able to hold taking clear first. Wheeler and McCarthy drew between themselves in the final round and tied for 2nd-4th with Ronald. Tying for 5th was FM Bereolos.


          The event was very well run by the Cajun Chess crew without any noticeable incidents or problems. We hope to have them back in Nashville next year.





 (Board One - Round Four - Carl Boor vs. FM Andrews)


            In other off season news, the Tennessee Tempo is searching now for players to fit its roster. Anyone interested should email the manager at Our current list of committed players for the 2008 season are:


1. IM Ronald Burnett

2. FM Todd Andrews

3. FM Peter Bereolos

4. Brian McCarthy

5. FM Jerry Wheeler

6. Gerald Larson

7. Gainer Phay


Check back for more Tempo news!