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2011 Knock-Out City Championship

 | Published on 12/16/2010

2011 Nashville City Championship – Knockout Format

Seedings and Pairings:

1.               1.    (IM) Ron Burnett             2370

8.     Vikas Kumar                       1832                     


2.     (FM) Todd Andrews         2314

7.    Ashraf Armanios              1751


3.    David Justice                       2184

6.     Paul Smith                          1825


4.    (NM) Jim Al-Shamma           2124

5.    Zaki Tanas                          1849

The time control will be 60 minutes per player with a 30 second increment added after each move. Each round the two players shall play a mini-match of two games. Each player will play one as white and one as black. If there is a tie after two games, then two games will be played at the 10 minutes per player with a 2 second increment time control. If a draw still exists, then an armageddon match where white has 5 minutes and black has 3, but black gets draw odds. 

After each round, the players that win move up into a separate category and the players that lose move down into their own group. Each group shall be re-seeded by rating and paired in accordance with knockout format of 1 playing 4 and 2 playing 3. This will happen for each of the three rounds. Those 2-0 will play for 1st and 2nd. Those who lose to the players 2-0, will play for 3rd and 4th and so on. Even though players will be "knocked out" from the champion title, they will still go on to play for other places.

Contact: Todd Andrews (615) 693 - 1535 for any questions. 

Schedule and Prize Fund has not been decided yet.