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2011 City Championship Qualifiers

 | Published on 12/6/2010
 Here are the players that have qualified so far for the 2011 Nashville City Championship in the scholastic sections and the overall city-champion section. Our final qualifier for the Overall City Championship (where anyone, including kids and adults, can play) is this weekend Friday through Sunday.

Primary Section:

1. Tanuj Koli (University School)
2. Colin Smith ( St. Paul Christian Academy
3. James Grabois (Julian Green Elem.)
4. Wei Dai (University School)
5. Joshua Esquivel (University School)
6. Jacqueline Hahamyan (Shannan Homeschool)

Elementary Section:

1. Alexander Qin (Brentwood)
2. Duncan Broadie (Meigs Magnet)
3. Vincent Zhang (Sunset Middle)
4. Weston Sharpe (Sharpe Homeschool)
5. Henrik Hahamyan (Shannan Homeschool)
6. Tristan Oden (Meigs Magnet)

Jr. High Section:

1. Nicholas Tomlin (Shanan Homeschool)
2. Christopher Welch (Meigs Magnet)
3. Ivan Velkovsky (Hume-Fogg)
4. Alvin Zhang (MBA)
5. Jing Dai (Brentwood)
6. Adam Steed (BGA)

High School:

1. David Fan (Hume-Fogg)
2. Jackson Boonstra (Centennial)
3. Venkata Amarthaluru (Ravenwood)
4. Sal Neglia (MBA)
5. Aditya Gudibanda (Hume-Fogg)
6. Samuel Randals (Hume-Fogg)


1. (IM) Ron Burnett - Defending Champion
2. (FM) Todd Andrews
3. David Justice
4. Ashraf Armanios
5. Vikas Kumar - Highest Rated Junior Qualifier
6. ???
7. ???
8. ???

The others are to be decided this weekend at the NCC! Hope to see you there and congrats to our qualifiers. We will be holding the 2011 City Championship at the Nashville Center on Saturday and Sunday January 8-9, 2011. The scholastic sections will be round-robin, all-play-all events and the open will be an exciting new KnockOut format with the FIDE time control.